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Touch Me

Why a pants hanger ?

When I searched a product to design for the first edition under my own name, I decided to take a day to day product which was not convenient to use and re image it.

Then the pants hanger appeared to be a very interesting challenge !

Furthermore this product was a sort of link between tree of my passions: DESIGN + INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE + FASHION

Touch Me is more than DESIGN...

+ EASY TO USE - Patented innovation

+ NEW FUNCTION - Indicator to identify what you wore & time to clean

How Touch Me works ?




Just use your two hands to hang your pants.

Forget everything else !...

A new possibility thanks to an indicator: see what you wore & time to clean 

Just slide the indicator to the next position after wearing the pants up to your max level







See in your wardrobe what you wore & time to clean

Manual and optional use




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You want Touch Me: Please wait… a crowdfunding campaign is in preparation.

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Touch Me & General X

Touch Me & General X

General X

Made in France with soft touch & high grade resin

Designed to provide a proper & stylish clothing position

2 adjustable positions on both sides

"a special thought for women"

Push on X from inside if you need a stop for your clothes with braces.

And just push back if you do not need.

5 colors are already available and possibility to produce special series on request.

General X is already available.

For more information: contact